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Recollections of Bankston School by individuals connected to this school located in Fayette County, Alabama, which opened in 1906 and closed in the mid 1970s, detailing the history of the school's building, school activities, teachers, and principals.
A letter from Max Barajas to Jenny Bernal of Lafayette, Colorado saying that he misses home but has a good job indoors.
Letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, genealogical records and other materials relating to Henry A. Barker (1879-1962), a Methodist Minister in Boaz, Alabama, and his family.
An address to the "Gentlemen of the Erosophic Society," the University of Alabama and a letter to Barnard from his brother, John G. Barnard, regarding a pass for travel in 1862.
Condensation of a 1954 term paper titled "LaGrange College: A Historical Sketch.
A letter dated 7 June 1928 from Barnett to her brother Frank.
A letter from Barney of Fifield, Wisconsin, to Jimmie about their upcoming vacation.
The collection contains two letters to Evelina Barolivell, of Southbridge, Massachusetts, written on the same sheets of paper. The first, written by her sister Charlotte J., of Williamstown, Massachusetts, discusses her family's health, the visit from a friend, Mr. Wilson, and her evening at the Junior Exhibition. The second letter, written by Roxanne, of Williamstown, Massachusetts, explains how happy she would be to see Evelina again and that she is becoming impatient.
Contains correspondence to and from John Gorman Barr, as well as other papers of this University of Alabama student, Tuscaloosa attorney, and United States Consul in Austrailia, known for his humorous writings.
A collection encompassing family correspondence, bills, receipts, clippings, and other items.
Research notes and correspondence related to J. D. Barron's research on native American place names in Alabama.
A paper titled "History of Fairview Presbyterian Church from Organization to Present Date (April 23, 1889)," that includes lists of pastors, members, and elders of this Presbyterian Church in Perry County, Alabama, 1823-1889.
Two notebooks owned by James M. Barry, President of Alabama Power Company, 1949-52. One of the notebooks contains addresses, the other a miscellany of papers and notes.
Letter written in 1883 to Mrs. Martin Bartlett of Fowlers Mills, Ohio.
Daybook and docket, 1827-32, of this Tuscaloosa law firm.
Letters, calling cards, scripture cards, and a small journal of this Tuskegee, Alabama, family.
Commencement address titled "Footprints of the Creator," delivered July 15, 1858 at the University of Alabama.
Letters from Private A. T. Baumgarten of Company F, 312th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I, to his sister, Mabel Baumgarten of Hornell, Steuben County, New York and to Frank Taylor, also of Hornell, New York.
Christine Baxter of Panama sends a family newsletter and personal note to Len and Laverna Nyberg of Stillman Valley, Illinois.
A letter between cousins, Emily writes about her scholars.
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