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Two letters written by farmers in Hayneville, Alabama, to Montgomery merchants T. J. Scott and Sons. The 1904 letters describe the sale of mules and ask for refunds from the company, which provided defective livestock.
A letter from H. T., written from Akron, Ohio, to Mr. Emrich.
Letters written by Civil War soldier, Asher M. Talcott, in Iowa, to his brother Lorenzo.
This collection contains one letter from Elmer Tanner, at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio, to his mother, Mrs. A. Tanner, Geneva, Ohio, November 18, 1917, during World War One. He tells his mother about some of his daily activities, other people who have written him, and that he had received his pay.
Two letters written from Aransas Pass, Texas, to a Mrs. Brown in October 1914, containing extensive reminiscences of the Warrior Guards and Fowler's Battery.
Correspondence between Major Herbert J. Taylor, Jr. (Battery 13, 136th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces) and his wife, Roberta Dorsey Taylor of Columbus, Ohio, from 1917 to 1920.
Letter from Taylor in Woodhull, Illinois, to Rowena Everett in Aledo, Illinois, asking Miss Everett to tell Miss Everett's sister that she will board with her.
This collection consists of one letter from Taylor, as directed by Mahone, to Captain Benjamin W. Belsches, on the latter's operations in obstructing a canal in the defense of Norfolk, and in organizing a new cavalry company, 13 March 1862.
This collection consists primarily of letters written to his family during the Civil War. Taylor was captured at Port Hudson in July 1863, and many of the letters were composed while a prisoner of war at Johnson's Island, Ohio.
The collection consists primarily of the religious compositions of an 1840 graduate of the University of Alabama who became a prominent Baptist minister.
Letters from three U.S. Senators from Alabama to constituents in 1910 regarding the "Telepost Bill" before the 61st Congress.
This collection contains correspondence, texts of speeches and addresses, reports, class notes for lectures and seminars, papers relating to philosophy and other subjects, and materials pertaining to conferences of the various professional organizations to which Professor ten Hoor belonged.
Two letterbooks, containing copies of letters written by Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company Assistant General Manager G. B. McCormack from 1893 to 1898. Also includes a ledger documenting the company's tax returns from 1894 to 1895.
Seventy-one page typescript identifies books in Lexington, Virginia, that were once part of Robert E. Lee's personal library
Six war ration books and one news article sent to Deane Terry in West Virginia.
Letter fragments from Adonijak Thayer to his nephew, Joseph Wild. The parts of the letter that connect talk about family losses as well as church revivals.
A window poster for the Third Liberty Loan sale in 1918.
Collection of letters written by noted authors and artists to Alabama attorney Cleophus Thomas Jr., and invitations from University of Alabama president Dr. Judy Bonner to special events on campus.
A letter from S. Y. Thomas, of Yorkville, Tennessee, to his sister Jane B. Ireland, of Richmond, Virginia, dated July 11, 1848, which discusses family matters, family deaths, illness in the vicinity, religion, and the 1848 presidential election.
One leather bound volume containing prose and poetry written to "Miss Sallie Thomas" of "Oak City" between 1873 and 1883.
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