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Sadie and Jack are married or engaged and write to each other on stationary from Louisville, Kentucky, with a few details of their day-to-day doings while parted.
A copy of vol. 44, no. 8 (25 January 1844) and vol. 44, no. 57 (15 July 1844) of the Salem Register published by John Chapman and Charles W. Palfray in Salem, Massachusetts.
This collection contains one letter from Doyal Sanders in New York City, to his father in San Angelo, Texas. He told his father he was enjoying his job in the Army and had received letters from other family members.
The collection contains one "Schoolday Memories" book from Pleasureville High School in Henry County, Kentucky, and includes an autograph from A. B. Chandler, Governor of Kentucky.
This collection consists of the correspondence, manuscripts and galley proofs, as well as reviews and notices of Elise Ayers Sanguinetti, the Alabama author of "The Last of the Whitfields" (1962), "The New Girl" (1964), "The Dowager (1968), and "McBee's Station" (1972). Although there are no special restrictions placed on access to the Elise Ayers Sanguinetti papers, literary and copyrights to her published and unpublished writings have not been granted to the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library and remain the property of the author. They may be viewed but not photocopied.
Letter from Sara, written on 13 April 1908 in Reynoldsville, to Irl asking him to come visit.
This collection contains a thank you note from Sarah Isabelle of Buena Vista, Colorado, to James for Christmas presents and birthday wishes. She also mentions her new role tending the chickens on the farm and enclosed a picture of her feeding the chickens.
A letter from Troy D. Savage of Lexington, Kentucky to Charles Shanks in Honolulu, Hawaii about Mrs. Shanks' suit for divorce.
A collection of framed portraits and other photographs, most of men serving in World War I and World War II, many of them African American.
Lewis Schindler, while stationed in Camp Cooke, California; Toledo, Ohio; and Camp Bowie, Texas writes letters to his friend, Mr. Lanier Merritt, of the landscape, daily military life, his travels, and his position as a Special Duty Officer at Camp Bowie, Texas, during World War Two.
The collection contains material of this Grover Cleveland supporter. The collection includes a poem about Cleveland's reelection, a letter from President Cleveland's private secretary, and two drafts or copies of letters composed to President Cleveland on different occasions.
Bill of sale for four slaves, Spotswood, Eacly, and two children.
Disbursement statement for the S. J. Schrock Estate, from Farmers State Bank of Shipshewana, Indiana.
The collection contains four postcards addressed to Frank N. Schroeder, county treasurer of Dubuque, Iowa. Two postcards address delinquent taxes. The third postcard discusses a tax deed for property bought at a public tax sale, while the writer of the fourth postcard seeks a listing of properties that might become available due to the non-payment of taxes.
Four love letters to Edith E. Schuetze of Waukesaha, Wisconsin, and later, Hollywood, California. The letters are from two men, Eddie and Jim.
This letter is to a Mrs. A.O. Schulze in Cinncinnati, Ohio. Erwin writes to her discussing his life in the Army during World War Two, including camp life, such as the nightly movie show, creating things in the carpentry shop and their laundry services. He also discusses Hawaiian women and their opinion of enlisted Army men.
The collection contains one letter to Lula from her sister Rosa Schumpp at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She discusses her gifts from her aunt, her pleasant afternoon, and her upcoming first confession in English. Aunt M. De Sales also writes that Rosa is doing fine.
A letter from Charles Scott of Lynchburg, Virginia, to F.B. Beane of Richmond, Virginia, requesting the copy of a contract.
Letters written to Charles H. Scott and others concerning Republican party politics in Alabama.
A letter from J. W. Scott of Perrysburg, Ohio, to Adam Beatty of Washington, Kentucky, February 23, 1835, concerning runaway slaves and land transactions in Perrysburg in anticipation of the construction of the Wabash and Erie Canal.
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