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Typed diary of a northern women who moved to Alabama when her husband was relocated to an Army base there.
A letter written by a father from Petersburg, Kentucky to his son requesting money for room and board.
Collection consists of a photograph, a short biography, and a composition by Stark Paget.
Mrs. Lewis C. Paine writes to her husband in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about home and the death of her father-in-law.
An envelope from the Battle House in Mobile, Alabama addressed to John C. Pallister of Cleveland, Ohio.
Herbert D. Palmer of Cleveland, Ohio, reminisces on his deceased daughter, Frances. He recounts to her friends, the recipients, Hart and May Lou Speiden of Louisville, Kentucky, the efforts to memorialize Frances through her personal writings. A second portion of the letter contains a philosophical discussion of war, with references to German aggression.
The collection contains one letter written from Papa, in Kentucky to his son on the occasion of his sixth birthday.
Two scrapbooks kept by Willie Pape during his years in England as well as a bound volume of his sheet music.
This collection contains one postcard written from Dad and Mom to Caroline Baker. The letter is most likely written from Lubbock, Texas, and postmarked from Silver Saddle, El Paso, Texas, to Dubuque, Iowa, and discusses the progress of the parents' trip.
Scrapbook containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera concerning civil rights, Christianity, and centenarians gathered by Ada Belle Parker.
This collection consists of a scrapbook compiled after Dr. Partlow's retirement in 1965. It includes official correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and newsletters, his diplomas, certificates of recognition, and an undated, handwritten collection of stories on the lighter side of his fifty-three years of work. It provides a historical look at the progression of the mental health profession in Alabama and traces growing public awareness of and activism in patient care. The collection also addresses segregation of health institutions in the state and treatment ideas such as sterilization of patients with congenital mental retardation. The scrapbook is arranged chronologically. Various photographs and articles are inserted. News clippings inserted following Dr. Partlow's death were probably added by members of his family.
The A. T. Patrick Letters consists of thirty-eight letters from S/Sgt. A. T. Patrick to Mary E. Coffman in Keyser, West Virginia. He was a radio operator in the Army stationed in Walla Walla, Washington; Redmond, Oregon; and Avon Park, Florida. All of the letters were to "Sally." Every letter expressed how much he missed Sally and how he thought about her frequently. The collection Includes newspaper clippings of Army jokes and affidavit forms for marriage.
Letters from a Confederate soldier in the Eleventh Alabama Infantry to his family.
Paper samples, printouts of the Project's blog and website, and other items, including oversized papers and prints, and postcards
A letter from J. R. Pearce, secretary of the Planning Committee for the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Supervisors, County Commissioners and County Clerks of Illinois, to Charles Schofield of Carthage, Illinois, requesting him to address the convention.
The collection contains four letters addressed to Dr. Charles Pearson and his wife Edith of Staten Island, New York. One is an RSVP to their daughter's wedding, and the other three are from Edith's friend Eleanor, who discussed gifts and grandchildren.
A sharecropping contract from Macon County, Georgia dated January 3, 1866, between landowner Margaret Pearson and freed slave Warren Whitehard.
Collection contains this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, attorney's correspondence, financial papers, and material relating to the Alabama Constitutional Convention of 1867, of which Peck was chairman.
Three letters regarding business matters, money, and loans, written to Ira Peck of Britt, Iowa.
Six pencil sketches of various military buildings and camps of the Civil War.
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