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A letter from M. H. to sisters about illness and death.
A letter from M. in Delaware, Ohio to her sister, Mrs. Allen Haines of Jeffersonville, Ohio about her upcoming visit.
A letter written by Mabel to Ellie about her mother's reaction to her elopement and includes a schedule of their travels which will end in Eastport, New York.
Mabel, away at a religious camp in Wisconsin, writes of her activities to Rev. David Segerstrom, with whom she has an intimate acquaintance.
Letter from Mack to Mary Louise Brashaw of Kentucky. Mack asks after the health of her family in the brief note.
Letter from M. Madin, written on 11 August 1858, to his mother regarding the payment of taxes on her property.
Civil War diary of Captain J. J. Magee of Company D, Eighth Alabama Infantry.
Letter from Maggie to Carl B. Galloway of Adair, Iowa about graduating and the health of a friend.
Letter from Maggie to her sister telling her about her "society" meetings and that she looks forward to their next visit.
Three letters to Maggie, one from her cousin Mary A. Thompson of Wrightstown, another from R.E.K. of Greensboro, and one from her cousin Corrie of Greensboro. The letters discuss war, John Brown's trial, family affaris, and the weather.
The Mahout was a University of Alabama student published humor magazine which was formerly known as the Rammer Jammer.
The collection contains one bound diary with entries offering details of the author's daily life and routine near Olney, Illinois.
Letter written by Hugh Mallory of Selma, Alabama, on August 15, 1932 to an unidentified person asking for names of others in the recipient's community whom Mallory could contact regarding the use of the highways by busses and trucks being operated for personal profit. Also included is a letter to the State Legistlature requesting that body to regulate such usage.
Ledger documenting the sale of materials such as molasses, coffee, and sugar, as well as the sale of slaves.
A letter from a mother to her children from Roaring River State Park in Missouri. She and her husband have been fishing while on vacation and she says that the fish are not really biting.
This collection contains a letter from William Mancott of Utica, Ohio, to Kenny Woodward of Annandale, Maryland, about the sale of a tract of land. He describes the elevations and vegetation which consists of good soil along with walnut and oak trees on its highest points. He also explains that there is a creek that runs nearby, but it is not close enough or strong enough for a mill.
Correspondence, diaries, biographical notes, record books (1857-1921), sermons, scrapbooks, memorabilia and other papers. The collection includes correspondence (1819-1868) and diaries (1826-1868) of Basil Manly (1798-1868), president of the University of Alabama, 1837-1855, and a founder of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (later renamed Furman University), which reflect the history of the period as well as his life as theologian and educator. It also contains correspondence (1869-1923) of his sons Basil (1825-1892) and Charles (1837-1924), president of Furman University, 1881-1897.
Letters showing Manning's efforts to stop the disenfranchisement of African American voters in Alabama in early twentieth century.
This collection currently contains a map of Alabama circa 1857, published by J. H. Colton and Company, New York.
Handwritten script outlining an 1847 initiation ceremony conducted by Mobile, Alabama's earliest mystic society, the Cowbellian de Rakin Society.
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