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The collection contains one letter from E. F. Sise and Company and is a bill for freight and expenses for coal for the Salmon Falls Company.
Letter to Mrs. Gould from E.J. in Madison, Georgia, discussing rumors about an engaged couple and another rumor about a doctor. Letter marked "Private."
A letter from W. Eackart of Hampden, Maryland, to George with questions about the law and news of acquaintances from home.
Letters to Lucy Bennett Eaddy of La Crosse, Virginia and Pelzer, South Carolina, from her husband, Dr. J. D. Eaddy, before and after their marriage, as well as from various friends.
A letter written by W. Eager to Elsie from The Quincy Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, sending his condolences on the death of Elsie's mother.
Letter written by James I. Earle, on 23 May 1867, thanking an unidentified woman for her kindness toward his son, Edgar, during a recent illness.
Correspondence dealing with Earle's tenure as a congressman representing South Carolina, and genealogical papers of Earle's grandson, Samuel M. Earle.
Newspapers, magazines, and other miscellaneous materials dating from about 1915 through 1954
Documents from the mid nineteenth century, including store and tax receipts, court orders, letters, property appraisals, etc., from Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, mainly pertaining to West Alabama.
Applications for land grants and for the purchase of land, mainly in Marengo and Washington counties in Alabama. There are also a few other legal documents pertaining to disputed applications.
Tuition receipts, a printed announcement, and a clipping, from several schools, primarily in Alabama.
Paper providing a brief history of the church and its founders. Also includes a list of members and description of church teachings.
Letters, written by Benjamin F. Eborn between 1884 and 1885 to his sweetheart (later his wife), Corinne Peteet Eborn. There are also other letters to Corinne from various family members, including her father, W.Y. Peteet, mother-in-law, Bettie Eborn, and her sister, Mary P. Jones.
Photocopies of attendance and tuition records, as well as a short history of the school written by one of its teachers.
Contains articles written about and by this Methodist minister and professor of religion at the University of Alabama
Letters written by P.F.C. Julius F. "Julie" Eckart of the 671st Port Company, Transportation Corps in Iran and then with the 40th Traffic Regiment Battalion, Transportation Corps in France during World War II, to Violet Earle of Evanston, Cook County, Illinois. The letters describe the various places in Iran and France where he was stationed, his duties and the weather. This collection also contain one bulletin and two photographs of Eckart.
Everett writes to his sister about his preparations for the cold winter.
Diaries, clippings, photographs, correspondence, sheet music, and church bulletins belonging to this University of Alabama music department head.
Letter dated 1 September 1864 appointing S. W. Eddins of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to the University of Alabama's Alabama Corps of Cadets.
Scrapbooks filled with chess moves clipped from publications and other clippings on chess champions.
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