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Letter written by A.S. Dickey, a college student in Tipton, Indiana, to his friend suggesting that the recipient may have been too attentive to a female. He also speaks of several girls who are also students and says that he is studying geometry, Latin, and grammar.
Two "notebooks" filled with handwritten short stories, verse and other thoughts, written by Josef Dignan of Louisville, Kentucky.
Diary kept by Corporal Latimer N. Dike, member of the 67th Ohio Regiment in 1865.
A collection containing business correspondence and receipts of this Mobile, Alabama, partnership which included the city's Chief of Police, C. A. R. Dimon.
Letter from Dina T. (last name given but it is undecipherable) to her Uncle, written on 20 January 1901, possibly from Germany. The letter is in German and there is no translation available at this time.
Weekly bulletins from several central Alabama churches served by the Rev. Frederick Divers in the 1940s and 1950s. There are also letters and certificates of study as well as a booklet of baptismal certificates from 1933 to 1951. There are several World War II ration books and correspondence relating to the building program of Union Bethel Independent Methodist Church in Birmingham.
Letter from Divine and Ferrclo in Sycamore, Illinois, to S. E. Jones in Iowa Falls, Iowa. They discussed business involving the sale or renting of land and/or property in Iowa and Minnesota.
Newsletters of the Dixie Art Colony, 1940-1942, which was located between Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama.
Family correspondence, newsclippings, financial records, and photos of this Alabama governor and his family.
This collection contains a letter written by Ford S. Dodds to a sibling about a friend who has moved away, the health of the family, and the state of the crops which were mostly ruined by the drought. He does say however, that fruit is abundant.
This collection contains one letter from Abigail Dodge, of Granby, New York, to her brother John Thacher Hopewell, a resident of Ontario County, New York. She discusses her dead husband, John's dead son Samuel, God's mercy, directions to her house, and praying for everyone's well-being.
A letter written by Kate Dole of Cincinnati, Ohio, in which she sends the remedy for a nosebleed to her friend.
One letter written by Davy to his friend or family member A. C.(Allie) Dolse ; both lived in New York City. He discussed the whereabouts and goings-on of various acquaintances and family members.
Letter to A. C. Dolsey in New York City from her employer, Harry, who was in Asheville, North Carolina. He gives her instructions regarding paperwork.
This collection is primarily made up of letters between members of this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, family between 1838 and 1883, the majority of which were written between 1850 and 1868.
This collection consists of seven pages of material, mostly photocopied, from a nineteenth-century scrapbook. The most significant item is a pencil sketch of the Rotunda on the campus of The University of Alabama. The signature "Douthitt" is discernable in the bottom corner of the page. Several of the photocopied pages contain articles relating to the death of Major John L. M. Pelham of Calhoun County, Alabama, during the Civil War in March 1863.
This collection consists of a memory book kept by Kathryne Dowling documenting her senior year at Dale County High School in Ozark, Alabama.
Letters written to William H. Drake of Maine, by Clyde C. Potter of Waltham, Massachusetts, and John Morrill, Drake's lawyer, regarding a legal matter.
Manuscript copy of the 51st issue of the Dreams and Nightmares magazines.
A letter written in 1848 by Drinker and Morris to Lindsay and Blakiston, booksellers, placing an order for several books.
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