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Uncle Bud writes from Camp Lee, Virginia, to Edward Gilmore in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Bud writes that the Army does not pay well and expresses his hope to see Gilmore at Christmas.
Fragment of an illustrated German translation of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference is an annual event at The University of Alabama that allows undergraduates to highlight their work in research or creative fields. This collection contains presentations deposited by conference participants to the University Libraries since 2009.
Letter fragment from unidentified author writes about winter and the military ball.
Fragment of a letter written to unidentified family members by an unidentifiable correspondent.
Drawing of an unidentified man. Picture is extremely fragile, handle only if necessary.
Two sheets (26" x 20") of black and white prints produced by the Union Furniture Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, depicting historical homes and buildings in Tuscaloosa and Northport, Alabama.
This collection consists of a fragment of a letter written by an unknown Union soldier, describing his thoughts about the draft--"I think it is right for every man to help save his country"--, emancipation--"I am against freeing the Negro just as mutch [sic] as any person"--and the Battle of Gettysburg--"that was my forth [sic] of July". Very poorly written and virtually illegible in places.
The collection consists of one letter from a soldier to his mother, written from "Washington City", DC (SC?), 7 December 1866. The accompanying envelope is postmarked Washington DC, 24 April, suggesting that it does not belong with the letter. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. Dicy Hicks [sic], of Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia. The letter furnishes few clues about its author, save for the fact that he was barely literate. A partially illegible closing seems to read "Company B 107 USCI," which could stand for the 107th U.S. Colored Infantry regiment. If so, then is it more likely to have been written in South Carolina than in Washington DC, as that regiment was stationed in the Department of the South following the Civil War's end. The body of the letter consists of little more than injunctions to pass the writer's greetings on to friends and family.
Records of the United Confederate Veterans Camp W. J. Hardee, in Birmingham, Alabama, between 1906 and 1919.
This collection contains biographies of thirty-nine prominent Civil War-era figures from Alabama and correspondence to and from Mrs. Annie Daugette, chair of the committee in charge of the project.
Typescript copies of legal and financial documents filed in Arkansas between 1848 and 1873, as well as typescript copies of letters, diaries, and military service accounts written primarily by Confederate soldiers. The legal documents are mainly deeds of conveyance, tax records, and deeds for swampland.
Directories and executive board minutes for the United Methodist Women of First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Articles and newspapers on the U.S. Army and ROTC programs at the University of Alabama.
This collection consists of ledgers containing: Land Commission correspondence; applications for land in Mississippi and Alabama territories; copies of land grants from England, France and Spain to residents in Mobile; marriage contracts; wills; and plats of grants, 1783-1813. Ledger 17 contains diary entries by James E. Henderson of Co. C, 12th Iowa Infantry, who was assistant provost marshall in Alabama in 1865. Several ledgers have been indexed by names.
Contains newspaper and magazine clippings primarily covering United States history and presidents (from Washington to Eisenhower), including illustrations and comics depicting life and ideas about world events taking place at the time.
Book containing the autographs of President Franklin Pierce (1853-1857) and his Cabinet, as well as those of virtually all members of the United States House of Representatives during the 34th Congress (3 December 1855 - 4 March 1857). The book also has the autograph of Confederate General Edmund W. Pettus, written in 1903 while he was a U.S. Senator.
Framed "Flag of the Union" 1984 article about the 150th anniversary of the University Club
University of Alabama theater posters and programs as well as educational television programming guides for the third quarter of the twentieth century.
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