Civil servant. Born– Oct. 11, 1922 in Jay, Fla. Parents– James Lean and Josephine Alliefair (Johnston) Johnson. Married– Charles Earl Stephens on Dec. 23, 1947. Children– One. Education– studied at American University (Washington). Employed by Alabama State Vocational Rehabilitation Service in Birmingham and Gadsden; the American Red Cross in Birmingham; the U.S. Civil Service at Fort McClellan; Office of Naval Research in Washington; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Liaison Office in Canada and Argentina, and the U.S. Customs as import specialist.


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STILL, JAMES, 1906-2001


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Educator, employment counselor, writer. Born– May 29, 1924,  Gattman, Miss. Parents– Walter L. and Verna (Worrell) Burchfield. Married– Joseph E. Daniel. Children– Two. Married– Donald S. Stone, September 28, 1962. Children– Two. Education– University of Alabama, B.S.; graduate work at Florida State University and University of West Florida. Lived variously in Pickens Co., Ala., and in Cullman, Sheffield, and Mobile; teacher; counselor with Florida State Employment Service, 1961-1966; wrote sometimes under name “Elna Worrell Daniel.” Died January 31, 2001.


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Journalist; professor of journalism.  Born–September 8, 1948.  Married– Sally McMillan. Children–one.  Education:  University of Tennessee, B.A., 1970; American University, M. A., 1973; University of Tennessee, Ph. D., 1978.  Professor of journalism, University of Alabama, 1978-2003; visiting professor of mass communications, Emory and Henry College, 2003-2006; Edward J. Meeman Distinguished Professor of Journalism, University of Tennessee, 2006-    .   Co-director of Capstone Poll, 1983-87, and Southern Opinion Research, 1987-2008.  Worked for several newspapers and political campaigns.  Creator and managing director of journalism education blog  Awarded professor emeritus status at the University of Alabama on his retirement in 203.


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Artist, writer. Born July 26, 1916.  Parents– L. S. Hendrix and Nellie B. Hendrix.  Married– the Rev. Clarence L. Stover. Children– Five. Lived in several Alabama towns, including Cullman and Holly Pond; served with her husband as a Special Assigned Missionary under the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board.  For 22 years wrote two columns, “Woman Talk” and “Uplifting.” Died November 1981.


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Variously employed. Born–November 8, 1909, in Ontario, Calif.; original name “Frances Imogene Shay.” Parents– Henry J. and Louise Meyer Shay.  Married– Dixie Craig Strayhorn, 1948. Children– Adopted one child. Education– Associate degree in Science,  Northeast Alabama Junior College, 1978.  Held many different jobs in such places as Hawaii, Wyoming, California, and Alabama; moved to Mentone, Ala., 1954; lived in California, 1956-1960; returned to Mentone, 1960. Died August 11, 1998.


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Clergyman, journalist, author. Born– Lumberton, Miss., October 15, 1903. Parents– Jonathan Gamillus Street and _______. Married– Lucy Nash O’Briant on June 20, 1923. Children– Three. Education– attended Massey School, Pulaski, Tenn.; attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Howard College. Reporter for Laurel, Miss. Daily Leader and other papers until 1923; Baptist minister 1923-1926 in Birmingham and elsewhere; returned to journalism in New York and other cities; in 1937 became free-lance writer.


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Attorney, politician. Born– Dec. 6, 1866 in Warrenton, Ala. Parents– Thomas Atkins and Julia Ann (Beard) Street. Married– Mary Emma Lusk in 1892. Children– Five. Married– Mary Curd Allen in 1927. Education– University of Alabama, A.B., LL.D. Admitted to the bar in 1888; practiced law in Guntersville and Birmingham; U.S. district attorney for northern Alabama, 1907-14; special assistant to U.S. attorney general, 1914-1920; 3 times Republican nominee for congress and nominee for governor of Alabama, 1914 and 1924.  Member of Republican National Committee, 1916-20.  Member Tennessee Valley Historical Society, trustee of Alabama Department of Archives and History; active Mason.


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Attorney, educator. Born– Mar. 14, 1872 in Warrenton, Ala. Parents– Thomas A. and Julia Ann (Beard) Street. Married– Lallie Abercrombie in 1911. Children– Two. Education– University of Alabama, A.B., LL.B. Admitted to bar, 1894; practiced in Nashville and taught at Vanderbilt University; taught law at University of Missouri, 1908-1910; on editorial staff of Edward Thompson Co. law publisher, Northport, N.Y.; contributor to American and English Encyclopedia of Law and to Law Notes; drafted internal revenue law for Philippines, 1914; on Code Committee to revue Philippine laws; principal codifier of Administrative Code for Philippines, 1917; associate justice of Philippine Supreme Court 1917-1936.


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Educator, attorney, writer. Born– Mar. 4, 1881 in Clifton, Tenn. Parents– Christopher Columbus and Amelia Annie (Waits) Stribling. Married– Louella Anna W. Kloss on Aug. 6, 1930. Education– attended Normal School, Florence, Ala.; B.A. 1903; University of Alabama, LL.B., 1905.  Editor, Clifton News, 1900-02; Taught at Tuscaloosa, AL, High school, 1903-04;  practiced law in Florence, 1906-07; employed by Taylor-Trotwood Magazine in Nashville, 1907-08. WWI, worked as stenographer at Aviation Bureau, Washington.   After 1908 traveled widely and wrote full time;  instructor in novel writing at Columbia University, 1936 and 1940. Received Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for The Store.   Awarded honorary LL.D. by Oglethorpe University in 1936. Died July 10, 1965.


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Attorney. Born– Apr. 4, 1939. Parents–Clarence L. and Theodesia Strickland.  Education– University of Alabama, B.S., 1961,  LL.B., 1964. Admitted to bar 1964; served U.S. Army, 1964-1967; practiced law in Birmingham, 1967-1976; after 1975 was county attorney for Jefferson. Member Birmingham and Alabama Bar Associations, Alabama Defense Lawyers Association, and American Society of Hospital Attorneys.


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STRODE, HUDSON, 1892-1976


Writer, teacher of writing. Born– Oct. 31, 1892 in Cairo, Ill. Parents– Thomas Fuller and Hope (Hudson) Strode. Married– Therese Cory,  Dec. 20, 1924. Education– University of Alabama, A.B., 1913; Columbia University, M.A., 1914; special study at Harvard University, 1916. Instructor in English, Syracuse University, 1914-1916; professor of English, University of Alabama, 1914-1963.  Awarded professor emeritus status on his retirement in 1963; received the honorary D. Litt. from the University of Alabama in 1952, and from the University of the South, 1960; made a Knight of the Royal Order of the North Star by King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden in 1961.  Internationally known for his creative writing classes at the University of Alabama;  taught and mentored many young writers.  Died September 22, 1976.


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Educator, writer. Born– Dec. 31, 1912 in New York City. Parents– Harry Cannell and Marion (Stuart) Strong. Married– Emily Jo Trenchmann in June 1940. Children– Three. Education– Oberlin College, A.B.; University of Chicago, Ph.D. Taught at Western Reserve University, 1937-1939; University of Texas, 1939-1946; and the University of Alabama after 1946; contributor to multi-author works and to Encyclopaedia Britannica; editor of Journal of Politics, 1971-1974. Member Southern Political Science Association.


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STRONG, HERMAN E., 1903-1993


Accountant. Born– 1903 in Hackneyville, Ala. Lived in Columbiana; during World War II worked for gold mining company in Philippines when Japanese occupied them; prisoner of war 3 years in Manila; wrote Alma Mater anthem for Valley Grove School, Tallapoosa Co.; accountant for U.S. Internal Revenue and for Alabama Highway Dept.; retired 1970. Died June 18, 1993.


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Baptist laywoman. Born– Aug. 25, 1914 in Birmingham. Parents– John Clifton and Mary Frank (Smith) Anthony. Married– Ernest Singley Strong. Children– Two. Education– Birmingham Southern College, A.B.; attended Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University. Active member Woman’s Missionary Union in First Baptist Church, Birmingham, for over 35 years; did historical and genealogical research.


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Clergyman, missionary, ambassador, educator. Born– June 24, 1876, in Hangchow, China. Parents– John Linton and Mary Louisa (Horton) Stuart (his mother a Mobilian). Married– Aline Hardy Rood, Nov. 17, 1904. Children– One. Education– attended school five years in Mobile; Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., LL.B.; attended Union Theological Seminary of Virginia. Ordained to Presbyterian ministry; missionary to China, 1905; taught at Nanking Theological Seminary 1908-1919; president of merged Peking University and North China Union College; prisoner of Japanese 42 months; became U.S. ambassador to China 1946. Awarded several honorary doctorates; decorated by Republic of China with Special First Class Order of Merit.


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Teacher; college instructor of education.  Born– Monticello (Pike County), December 13, 1919.  Parents– Charlie Thomas Madaris and Mattie Lavinia Ferguson Madaris. Married–George Styles, May 25, 1940.  Children–three Education– Attended Livingston State Teachers College; University of Alabama, B.S., 1939; M.A., 1957.   Taught in several area schools; worked as director of training for teachers of exceptional children in the College of Education at the University of Alabama, 1963-75.Retired 1975.  Died March 1, 2012.


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Banker, business executive, writer. Born– Dec. 24, 1905 in Birmingham. Parents– James Frederick and Anne (Dobbins) Sulzby. Married– Martha Belle Hilton, Nov. 9, 1935. Children– Two. Education– attended Howard College; Birmingham Southern College, A.B.; graduated from American Banking Institute, 1934. Employed by First National Bank of Birmingham, 1929-1943; became president, 1943 of Sulzby Realty Co.; director of National Association of Real Estate Boards, 1952-1956; board member of American Planning and Civic Association, 1953-1963; member Humanities Advisory Council for Auburn University. Received Alabama Library Association Literature Award in 1962; citation from American Association for State and Local History; member of Newcomen Society and Southern History Association.


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Chemist, educator. Born– Apr. 15, 1934 in Sumiton, Ala. Married– 1958. Children– Four. Education– Samford University, A.B.; Birmingham Southern; University of Maryland, Ph.D. Chemist at Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, 1956-1959; taught at Florida State University, 1959-1971; at University of Georgia, 1971-1977; and at University of Alabama, Birmingham, after 1977. Received James Conant Award from American Chemical Society, 1969; member of American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemistry, National Association for Research in Science Teaching, and National Science Teachers Association.


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Historian; university professor. Born– Feb. 25, 1908 in Mobile. Parents– Charles F. and Sallie Rebecca Grayson Summersell. Married– Frances Sharpley. Education– University of Alabama, A.B., A.M.; Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. Served in the US Navy, WWII and Korea; attained rank of Commander. Taught at University of Alabama, 1935-1978; chairman History Department, 1954-1971; served on Alabama State Records Commission and Alabama Historical Commission. Member of Naval History Foundation, Southern History Association, Organization of American Historians, and American Association for State and Local History.  The Charles G. Summersell Chair in Southern HIstory at the unIversity was named in his honor.  Died October 9, 1987.


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The William Stanley Hoole Special Collections Library at the University of Alabama holds an extensive collection of papers and photographs of Charles Grayson Summersell.



Educator. Born September 15, 1934. Married– Betty Plott. Children– Two. Married–Malenna Ashenfelter. Education– Louisiana College, B.A.; Southwestern Seminary, B.D.; Ohio State University, M.S.W.; University of Alabama, Ph.D. Taught social work in California, Florida, and Texas; faculty  University of Alabama 1973-2010; taught at Jefferson State Jr. College; directed Birmingham Concentrated Employment Program. Known for his work in the field of youth services and juvenile justice; founded the Youth Services Institute of the School of Social Work at the University of Alabama; served as its director, 1999-2010.  Inducted into the Alabama Social Work Hall of Fame, 2011.


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Educator. Born– Oct. 12, 1874 in Winchester, Va. Parents– Edward Pendleton and Laura Bertram (Clowe) Swartz. Married– Gertrude Dora (Hobbs) McBrian, May 22, 1902. Education– University of Virginia, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; studied at University of Chicago. Taught at Winchester, Va.; Ft. Worth, Tex.; Milwaukee (Wisc.) Academy; and at Millsaps College (Miss.); president of Woman’s College of Alabama (now Huntingdon) 1915-1964. Member Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Phi Beta Kappa.


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Accountant, educator. Born– Aug. 19, 1916, in Madison, Wisc. Parents– Benjamin Franklin and Camilla (Haley) Sweet. Married– Melba Cameron, Dec. 22, 1936. Children– One. Education– University of Alabama, B.S., M.S.; University of Texas, Ph.D.; became CPA in 1944.  Served in U.S.Navy, WWII. Auditor for Sears, Roebuck in Atlanta, 1938-1942; accountant in Dothan, Ala., 1942-1946; taught at University of Alabama, 1946-1948; Spring Hill College, 1948-1964; Kent State University, 1964-1966; University of South Alabama, professor, 1966-67; interim dean of academic affairs, 1967-68; Dean of Administration, 1968-71; Vice-President for Administration, 1971.  Member American Association of Certified Public Accountants, American Accounting Association, American Society of Certified Public Accountants. Died February 13, 2001.


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Historian; author.  Born– February 13, 1931, Louisville, Mississippi.  Parents–  Warren A. and Lillian Ersell Trest. Education– East Central Mississippi Junior College; Southern Mississippi University.  Married.  Reporter, 3rd Infantry Division, Korean War; U.S. Air Force, Vietnam.  Senior Historian for U. S. Air Force Historical Research Agency, Montgomery.  Purple Heart and Bronze Star Meritorious for military service; Award for Meritorious Civilian Service, 1975; Outstanding Civilian Career Service, 1996. Nominated for the Bancroft Prize for outstanding work in American history.


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