STRODE, HUDSON, 1892-1976


Writer, teacher of writing. Born– Oct. 31, 1892 in Cairo, Ill. Parents– Thomas Fuller and Hope (Hudson) Strode. Married– Therese Cory,  Dec. 20, 1924. Education– University of Alabama, A.B., 1913; Columbia University, M.A., 1914; special study at Harvard University, 1916. Instructor in English, Syracuse University, 1914-1916; professor of English, University of Alabama, 1914-1963.  Awarded professor emeritus status on his retirement in 1963; received the honorary D. Litt. from the University of Alabama in 1952, and from the University of the South, 1960; made a Knight of the Royal Order of the North Star by King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden in 1961.  Internationally known for his creative writing classes at the University of Alabama;  taught and mentored many young writers.  Died September 22, 1976.


Papers and photographs of Hudson Strode are held by the William Stanley Hoole Special Collections Library at the University of Alabama.


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