Teacher; college professor; writer; editor.  Born– April 6, 1940. Parents– Louis Wesley and Katherine (King) Brannan. Married– Ronald Walker. Children– Three. Education– University of Alabama, B.S.; Tulane University, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. (1981).  Taught English at Foley High School; Newcomb College; University of South Alabama, 1979-. Stokes Distinguished Professor of English at USA. Adjunct Professor of Editing and Publishing, Spring Hill College. City editor, Alabama Sun, 1980-1981; editor and publisher, Negative Capability, 1981-. Received research grant from Tulane Graduate School to study McCuller’s Archives; several merit awards for poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Gave workshops, lectures and poetry readings. Served on several college and state committees. Published poems, stories and articles in magazines and anthologies. Nominated for a Pulitzer Price for Blood Must Bear Your Name.  10th Alabama Poet Laureate, 2003-2012.


Sue Brannan Walker, Mobile, Ala.


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Joint editor;

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