Poet; university professor; civil rights activist. Born– Sept. 9, 1934, in Birmingham, Ala. Parents– Wilson L. and Lena (Jones) Driver. Married–Albert Sanchez.  Married (2)– Etheridge Knight. Children– Three. Education– Hunter College, B.A., 1955; New York University M.A.  Taught at Downtown Community School in San Francisco, San Francisco State College, University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University, Manhattan Community College, City College of New York, and Amherst College, finally at Temple University,  1977-1999.  Lectured at over 500 universities and published in many journals and anthologies. Awarded the P. E. N. writing award in 1968, a National Institute of Arts and Letters grant in 1970, and an honorary Ph.D. by Wilberforce University. Selected for the first class of the Alabama Authors Hall of Fame, 2015.


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