Historian, university professor.  Born– Jan. 8, 1896, in Mobile. Parents– Myles Hicks and Rosabel (Pooley) Savelle.   Married– Jean Reeda Happ on Mar. 18, 1950. Children– Three. Education– Columbia University, A.B. (1924),  M.A. (1926), and Ph.D. (1932). Taught at Columbia University 1926-1932; at Stanford University, 1932-1947; and at University of Washington 1947-1967; visiting professor and Fulbright Lecturer University of Chile 1963; U.S. Department of State Lecturer in Australia 1966. Awarded Cutting Traveling Fellowship 1930-1931; Social Science Research Council Traveling Fellowship 1938-1939; and Fulbright Scholarship 1950. Published many articles in professional publications. Died August 12, 1979.


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