Literary scholar; university professor. Born– July 12, 1873, Auburn. Parents– Leonidas Warren and Mary Jane (Foster) Payne. Married– Mary Susan Bledsoe, 1897. Children– Four. Education– Alabama Polytechnic Institute, B.S., 1892; M.S., 1893; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., 1904. Taught at the Southwestern Alabama Agricultural School in Evergreen, 1894-1901; Jacksonville State Normal School, 1901-1902; Harrison Fellow in English at the University of Pennsylvania, 1902-1904. Associate editor of Worchester’s Dictionary, 1904-1906. Taught at Louisiana State University, 1906; University of Texas, 1906-1943. Co-founder and first president of the Texas Folklore Society, 1910.  Editor of the first anthology of Texas literature–A Survey of Texas Literature.  Friend and associate of many important American writers, including Carl Sandburg, e.e.Cummings, and Edwin Arlington Robinson.  Died June 16, 1945.


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