PENDELL, ELMER, 1894-1982


Lawyer, university professor. Born– July 28, 1894, Waverly, N.Y. Parents– George and Ida (Harris) Pendell. Married– Lucille Hunt, 1930. Children– One. Education– George Washington University, LL.B., 1917; University of Oregon, B.S., 1921; University of Chicago, A.M., 1923; Cornell University, Ph.D., 1929; studied population under James A. Field and Walter F. Wilcox. Served in U.S. Army during World War I; awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross. Worked for the Republican National Committee and U.S. senators, 1944-1945; executive secretary of the Ashtabula County Historical Society, 1955-1956. Taught at Pennsylvania State University, 1933-1944; Baldwin Wallace College, 1946-1954; Olivet College, 1956-1957; Jacksonville State University, 1957-1965.


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