Literary historian and scholar; University Professor of English literature. Born– Sumter County, Ala., September 2, 1865. Parents– Charles and Mary (Matthews) Manly. Education– Furman University, 1883; A.M., 1889; Harvard University, Ph. D., 1900. Military intelligence service, WWI, 1917-1919. Employed by Brown University, 1884-1898; University of Chicago, 1898-1933. Specialized in the study of early English literature; best known for his editing and scholarly research on Chaucer.  Exchange professor or visiting lecturer, University of Gottingen, Lowell Institute, British Academy, Royal Society of Literature; editor, 1908-1930.  Member and President Modern Language Association; member Mediaeval Academy, Modern Humanities Research Association, British Shakespeare Association.  Received five honorary doctorates during his lifetime.   Awarded the biennial Sir Israel Gollancz Prize in 1939 by the British Academy, for his edition of the Text of the Canterbury Tales. His colleagues and students at the University honored him with a feistschriften, The Manly Anniversary Studies in Language and Literature, in 1923. Died April 2, 1940.


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The papers of John Matthews Manly are held by the library at the University of Chicago.

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