Artist, bookkeeper, statistician. Born– Jan. 27, 1909, Metz, France. Parents– Dietrich and Hertha (Rasmuss) von Breitenbuch, of Germany. Married– Count Hugo Kalnoky, of Hungary, June 24, 1934. Children– Four. Education– Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, 1931-1933; studied art in Berlin, 1933-1934. She and her husband opposed the Nazis and were forced to flee Budapest. After World War II, she supervised two homes for the witnesses at the International Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1947, and this experience formed the basis of her book. Moved to the U.S., 1949. Wrote a series, Die Zeugen von Nurnberg (The Witnesses at Nurnberg) for newspapers in Germany in 1946. Statistician, Olen Co., Mobile, Ala., 1954-1959; Jiffy, Inc., 1959-67; Alabama Board of Health in Mobile, 1967-68; Head Bookkeeper, E.H. Smith & Sons, 1970-. Died July 1, 1997.


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