Founded in 1956, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries is the largest regional academic library cooperative in the country, with 40 members in 11 states. ASERL operates numerous projects designed to foster a high standard of library excellence through inter-institutional resource sharing and other collaborative efforts. By working together, ASERL members provide and maintain top quality resources and services for the students, faculty, and citizens of their respective communities. More information about ASERL can be found at http://www.aserl.org.

Why a Barbecue Guide?

Sharing experiences about food is one of many ways people can relate to each other, and many foods have strong traditons in the American South. ASERL developed this guide as a means of building stronger relationships among our members and to help guide visitors to ASERL institutions to some really good places to enjoy tasty barbecue.

What do Librarians Know about Barbecue?

Librarians by training must be excellent judges of quality, to select the best information reosources for their collections and users. The ability to discern better from best can be used in many aspects of daily life, including selecting good sources for barbecue. While there may be some good-natured disagreements about the selections, we are confident no one is better skilled than librarians to make these difficult choices

Project Team