Methodist clergyman. Born– January 8, 1882, Flatwoods, Tenn. Parents– William B. and Mary (Gillham) Chappell. Married– Cecil Hart, April 15, 1908. Children– Two. Education– Duke University, 1902-1903; Harvard, 1904-1905. Principal of E. W. Grove High School, Paris, TN, 1906-08. Ordained a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1908; served as pastor of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., and Tennessee, 1908-1932, in Birmingham, 1932-1936, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1936-1941, Jackson, Miss., 1941-1945, and Charlotte, N.C., 1945-1949. Honors– Duke University honorary D.D., 1920; Centenary College of Louisiana, honorary D.D., 1920; Birmingham Southern College, D.Litt., 1936. Died August 1972.


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