Journalist; presidential assistant; University professor, college president. Born– August 24, 1923, Montgomery. Parents– Silas D. and Nancy (Chesnutt) Cater. Married– Libby Anderson, December 20, 1950. Children– Four. Education– Harvard University, A.B., 1947, M.A., 1948; Guggenheim Fellow, 1955, Eisenhower Exchange Fellow, 1957.  Served with the OSS during WWII. Worked for Reporter magazine, 1950-1964; special assistant to President Lyndon Johnson, 1964-1968; Regents Professor at the University of California in San Francisco, 1971-1972; professor at Stanford University, 1972-76; worked for the London Observer International in London, England  1976-82; president of Washington College, 1982-1990. Honors– George Polk Memorial Award, 1961; Newspaper Guild Page One Award, 1961; Alabama Library Association, Alabama Authors Award, 1966. As a presidential assistant was given credit for many education initiatives and for helping to found the Public Broadcasting Service. Founding fellow and trustee of the Aspen Institute. Died September 15, 1995.


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