Herpetologist, ecologist, college professor.  Born– June 16, 1909, Mobile. Parents–Archibald and Louise Deadrick  Carr. Married–Marjorie Harris, 1937.  Children–five. Education– University of Florida, B.S., 1933, M.S., 1934, Ph.D., 1937. Associate of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, 1937-43. Taught biology at the University of Florida after 1933. Principal investigator, National Science Foundation marine turtle migration project, 1955-87.  Founder of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, 1959 and the Sea Turtle Conservancy.  The foremost authority of his time on the sea turtle;  credited with helping save the species from extinction.  Wrote numerous articles in scientific journal and participated in numerous scientific expeditions. Member American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists; American Society of Naturalists; Smithsonian Associates; Florida Academy of Science. Awarded the Daniel Giraud Elliott Medal by the National Academy of Science, 1955; John Burroughs Medal for Nature Writing, 1956; O. Henry Award for best American short stories, 1956; Gold Medal from the World Wildlife Fund, 1973; and Edward W. Browning Award, 1975.  The Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge in Melbourne, Florida, and the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida are named in his honor. Died May 21, 1987.


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A large collection of the papers of Archie Fairly Carr is held by the Special and Area Collections Department of the Smathers Library System at the University of Florida.