University professor, folklorist. Born– October 16, 1893, Cortland, N.Y. Parents– Willis Griswold and Mary (Lamson) Carmer. Married– Doris Gere, 1914; Married– Elizabeth Black, December 24, 1928. Education– Hamilton College, Ph.B., 1914, Ph.M., 1917; Harvard University, M.A.,1915. U.S. Army, WWI and WWII.  Taught at Syracuse University, 1915-16; the University of Rochester, 1919-21; University of Alabama, 1921-27; assistant editor, Vanity Fair, 1928-29; associate editor, Theatre Arts Monthly, 1929-33; Freelance author and folklorist, 1933-76. Member Society of American Historians; Authors Guild; Poetry Society of America. Won the New York Herald Tribune’s Children’s Book Festival Award for Windfall Fiddle; cited for contributions to children’s literature by the New York State Association for Curriculum Development.  Awarded honorary degrees by Elmira College, Susquehanna University, and the University of Buffalo. Died September 11, 1976.


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Papers of Carl Carmer are held by the Fenimore Art Museum in Otsego, New York. A collection of his letters is held by the library at Syracuse University.