Attorney. Born– May 9, 1879, Detroit, Mich. Parents– Francis X. and Carolyn (Van Buskirk) Busch. Married– Jeanette Morrision, 1903 (died 1912). Children– Four. Married– Jean Mapes Lucas, April 28, 1933.  Education– Illinois College of Law, LL.B., 1904, LL.M, 1905; DePaul University, LL.D., 1912. Admitted to the Bar, 1901; practiced as an attorney in Chicago, 1901-1954. Worked as an American trial lawyer, corporation counsel, educator, and author of legal textbooks and books on famous criminal trials.  Founding Dean of DePaul University School of Law, 1912-23. Served on the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and the Chicago Civil Service Commission. Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Member American Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association (president 1931). Moved to Wetumpka after his retirement. Died November 28, 1975.


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A collection of papers of Frances Xavier Bush is held by the Special Collections Department of the Library at Auburn University Montgomery.