Editor, lawyer, legislator. Born– March 15, 1844, Brewerville, Sumter County. Parents– Robert Willis and Jane (Hadden) Brewer. Married– Mary Baine. Children– Four. Began working in a printing office at age fourteen and three years later was editing a newspaper in Milton, Fla. Attempted three times to enlist in the Army during the War Between the States, but failed because of health problems. Served briefly on the staff of General Wirt Adams and briefly as aide-de-camp to Governor Robert M. Patton; made an honorary colonel. Admitted to the bar in 1865. Became part owner and editor of the Wilcox Times, 1865; established the Hayneville Examiner, 1868, and published it until 1880. President, State Press Association, 1876. Served as treasurer of Lowndes County; elected and served as State Auditor, 1876-1880; served in the Alabama House of Representatives, 1880-1882, 1890-1894; served in the Alabama Senate, 1882-1890; served in the U. S. House of Representatives, 1896-1901. Had extensive land holdings and was an owner and director of the Montgomery, Hayneville and Camden Railroad. Died October 30. 1912.


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