BONNER, CLINT, 1908-1966


Artist, cartoonist. Born–November 4, 1908,  Lineville. Parents–Oscar Arnold and Cora Strother Bonner. Education– Woodlawn and Minor High Schools in Birmingham; studied journalism and commercial art  by correspondence. Owner and president of Southeastern Decal and Nameplate Corporation; Gulf States Art School. Created and drew a comic strip, “They Died With Their Boots On”; created three other series; “A Carol is Born,” “Famous Words of Famous People,” and “Alabama Oddities.” Painted the portraits of Chauncy Sparks and James E. Folsom. Died August 22, 1966.


Files at Birmingham Public Library and A Hymn is Born.


How they got there.  Birmingham, 1933.

A Hymn is Born. Nashville; Broadman, 1959.


Home is the Sailor. Birmingham, Ala.; Vulcan Press, 1955.