BOGGS, JAMES, 1919-1993


Autoworker, writer; social activist.  Born– May 28, 1919, Marion Junction. Parents–Ernest and Lelia Thomas Edwards Boggs. Married– Annie McKinley, 1938. Children–six. Married– Grace Lee, April 20, 1953.  Education– Public schools in Bessemer. Worked as a field hand; ice cutter; and for the Works Project Administration in Detroit, Mich.; and as auto worker in Detroit, 1941-1968. After 1963, he was a writer and community activist. With his wife Grace Lee,  was associated with the leftist organization Correspondence Publishing Committee; wrote for and later edited its journal Correspondence. Died July 22, 1993.


Contemporary Authors online; Living for Change, by Grace Lee Boggs


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The papers of James Boggs and Grace Boggs  are held in the Walter P. Reuther Library Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs at Wayne State University in Detroit.