Reporter, teacher, writer. Born– February 6, 1909, Demopolis. Parents– Wyatt Childs and Maud (Lurton) Blassingame. Married– Gertrude Olsen, 1936 (died 1976); children–two.  Married Leonora Jeanne Toman. Education– Howard College, 1926-1928; University of Alabama, A.B., 1930, graduate work 1931-1933; New York University, 1951-1952. Military service–U.S.Navy, 1942-45.  Reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser, 1930-1931; teaching fellow at the University of Alabama, 1931-1933; instructor at Florida Southern College, 1948-1951; full time writer after 1951. Published many stories in magazines and journals. Honors; Benjamin Franklin Magazine Award, 1956, for best short story, “Man’s Courage”, published in Harpers; two Outstanding Science Books for Children Awards.  Died January 9, 1985.


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A collection of the papers of Wyatt Blassingame is held by the Special Collections Department of the Library at the University of South Florida.