College professor and administrator. Born– Hale County, August 1859. Parents– Aaron and Susan (Wayne) Beverly. Married–Mattie E. Dale. Children– Six. Education– Lincoln Normal School, B.S., 1882; Brown University, Ph.D., 1894. Principal of Tullibody Academy at Greensboro, 1882-1884. Taught at Lincoln Normal School, 1887-90; became its assistant principal in 1894; continued to serve the school after it moved to Montgomery and became the Alabama Normal School for Colored Students in 1888. In 1915, Beverly became the school’s first  first Black president; dean of Alabama State Normal School, 1920-1922; instructor of English and history at Prairie View College in Texas until his death in 1924. His book History of Alabama for Use in Schools… is the first history of Alabama written by an African American author. Honors; Selma University, honorary LL.D. Died December 16, 1924.


Who Was Who in Alabama and Mrs. Bertha P. Williams, Alabama State University.


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History of Alabama, for Use in Schools and for General Reading. Montgomery, Ala.; Author, 1901.

Practical Ethics for Children.

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