Physicist; science fiction writer.  Born– January 30, 1941, Mobile. Parents– James Alton and Mary Eloise (Nelson) Benford. Married– Joan Abbe, August 26, 1967. Children– Two. Married Elisabeth Malartre Brown, 2005. Education– University of Oklahoma, B.S., 1963; University of California in San Diego, M.S., 1965, Ph.D., 1967. Worked as a research assistant, University of California in San Diego, 1964-1967; Employed by the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Livermore, Calif. as a fellow, 1967-1969, and research physicist, 1969-1971; member of the faculty of the University of California in Irvine, 1971-2006.; visiting professor at Cambridge University, 1976-1979. Held a Woodrow Wilson fellowship, 1963-1964. Honors; 4 Hugo Awards; 12 Nebula Awards  from Science Fiction Writers of America; British Science Fiction Award, 1981; UN Medal in Literature; Lord Prize, 1995;  Isaac Asimov Memorial Award, 2007; Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Forry Award for Lifetime Achievement. Awarded status of professor emeritus at the University of California at Irvine  on his retirement in 2006.


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The papers of Gregory Benford held by the Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy at the University of California Riverside.