BANDY, WAY, 1941-1986


Beauty consultant; makeup artist. Born– August 9, 1941, Birmingham (name at birth–Ronald Duane Wright).  Education– Birmingham-Southern; Tennessee Technological University; Christine Valmy Beauty School. Taught American and English Literature in the public schools of Tennessee and Maryland for four years in the early 60’s; in 1967, moved to New York and worked until 1971 as salon and makeup director for Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz. After 1972, freelance face designer for fashion magazines and for cosmetic advertising in television commercials, films and the theater. Became one of the most sought-after beauty consultants, having as some of his clients Nancy Reagan, Madonna, Catherine Deneuve and Elizabeth Taylor. Worked with well-known photographers to produce magazine articles and picture spreads.  Died August 13, 1986.


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