University professor of speech; speech therapist and researcher. Born– August 12, 1908, Harbor Springs, Mich. Parents– Arthur and Kate McDuffee Backus. Education– Michigan College of Education in Kalamazoo for two years; University of Michigan, A.B, 1929, M.A., 1930; University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1933. Taught Latin and English in Bear Lake, Mich. for one year; directed Speech Clinic for the Beloit Wisconsin Public Schools, 1933-1935; served as chairman of the speech and drama department of State Teachers’ College, Slippery Rock, Pa., 1937; taught at the University of Michigan, 1943-1949; and 1949-1960 taught at the University of Alabama and was director of the speech and hearing clinic; 1960- Professor of Clinical Speech at the University of Southern California; Director of Religious Education at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Monrovia, CA.  Author of many articles in professional journals.  A Fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association and a member of the American Psychological Association. Died November 18, 1999.


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