ARNOLD, BYRON, 1901-1971.


Musician; Professor of music; collector of folksongs. Born– August 15, 1901, Vancouver, Washington. Parents– Horace Wade and Marguerite Jaggy Arnold.  Married–Flossie E. Hagebusch, 1962. Education– Willamette University, B.A., 1924; Eastman School of Music. Faculty member of the University of Alabama, 1938-1949; University of Southern California after 1950. Best known for his work in collecting folksongs of Alabama;  travelled around the state gathering recordings and texts of folksongs of many types.  Died  December 25, 1971.


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Five Incapacitated Preludes (A Symphonic Suite).

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Arnold’s collection of Alabama folksongs (recordings and papers) is held by the Hoole Special Collections Library at the University of Alabama.