FELDMAN, GLENN, 1962-2015


Historian; university professor.  Born– May 30, 1962,Birmingham.  Parents– Brian and Julia Burgos Feldman. Married– Jeannie Reed.  Children–two.  Education–Birmingham-Southern, B.A. in political science and economics, 1983; Vanderbilt, M.A. in political science, 1986; Birmingham-Southern, B.S. in secondary education, 1989; Auburn, M.A.in history, 1992, Ph. D. in history, 1996.  Professor of history at UAB, 1996-2015; taught Economics and African American Studies ;  served as Director of the Center for Labor Education and Research.  Has published over 150 articles in professional journals.  Member Alabama Historical Association, Southern Historical Association, AAUP. Died October 19, 2015.


UAB website; obituary.


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