Writer; teacher of writing. Born October 25,  1961, Montgomery.  Education; University of Alabama, B.S., 1985; Wichita State University, Kansas, M.F.A., 1990.  Taught writing at Auburn, Huntingdon College, Clemson University, Converse College.  Assistant director of the Writing Our Stories Project of the Alabama Writers Forum, 1997–.  Publishes short stories in journals and anthologies. Received the O.Henry Award. 1994; Andrew Lytle Prize, 1995; the Theodore Christian Hoepfner Award in 2000;;  and the Truman Capote Prize for Fiction, 2016.


“Biographical Notes,” Climbing Mount Cheaha:  Emerging Alabama Writers.  Ed. Don Noble.  Livingston Press, 2004.

Contemporary authors online


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Joint_ editor;

Open the Door; An anthology of poems and stories from the ‘Writing our Stories’ Project.  Montgomery; Alabama Writers Forum, 1998.