Historian; university professor; administrator.  Born–April 24, 1935, Birmingham.  Parents– Jack and Lena Margaret Jones Rawls.  Married– George Arthur Atkins, June 7, 1954.  Children– four.  Education; Birmingham schools;  Auburn University, B. A., 1956; M.A., 1960; Ph. D., 1974.  Taught history at Auburn, 1960-69; at UAB; at Samford until 1985.  Director of the Center for Arts and Humanities at Auburn, 1985-1995.  Published widely in history journals, especially about the history of Alabama.  Consultant for many libraries, literary and historical groups.  A world champion water skier;  first woman inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, 1976.  Member of Alabama Historical Association; Friends of Alabama Archives. Board member of the Alabama Archives and History Foundation.  Inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor, 2007. Received the James Sulzby Award for the best book on Alabama history, for Developed for the Service of  Alabama, and for Alabama:  The History of a Deep South State,  which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


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