Illustrator; painter; violinist.  Born– Birmingham, July 6, 1916. Parents–James and Ida Wade Johnson.  Married– Mildred Anita Daniels.  Children– three.  Married– Sahira Tamira Malik. Education– Birmingham schools; studied music and art in France at the Studio of Gene Paul Lawrence and at the Academie Julian; studied at the Art Institute of Chicago; Pratt Institute; and the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York. Worked as an assistant to Beauford and Joseph Delaney, who painted WPA murals in New York City during the Great Depression.  Served in US Army Special Services, WWII.  Began his career as a violinist; performed internationally in Europe and Africa.  After he injured his wrist in a horseback riding accident, he turned to art as a career;  worked as an illustrator and comic-strip artist; illustrated more than 200 books and has paintings hung in museums and galleries.  Contributed articles to many journals and books. Lived in Africa the latter part of his life; after 1993 concentrated on painting historic events of Oman.  Granted Omani citizenship. Died March 18, 2016.


Illustrators of Books for Young People, 2nd ed.

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