MEEKS, WAYNE A., 1932-


Historian of Christianity; university professor.  Born January 9, 1932, Aliceville.  Parents; Benjamin LaFayette and Winnie Meeks.  Married (1) Martha Fowler, June 10, 1954.  Children–three. Married (2) Judith Colton, March 18, 2000. Education; University of Alabama, B. S., 1953; Austin Theological Seminary, B. D., 1956; University of Tubingen, graduate study, 1956-57; Yale University, M. A., 1963; Ph. D., 1965.  Career; ordained Presbyterian minister, 1956; university pastor, Memphis, Tennessee, 1957-61; Dartmouth College instructor in religion, 1965-66; Yale University United Ministry university pastor, 1966-68; Indiana University at Bloomington, assistant professor, 1966-68; Yale University associate professor of religious studies, 1969-73; professor, 1973-1999; Director, Division of the Humanities, 1988-91.  Published many articles in journals and periodicals; delivered lectures and lecture series; consultant for television programs on history of Christianity.  Member, American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, Studorium Novi Testamenti Societas, Phi Beta Kappa.  Awards;  Fulbright fellowship, 1956-57;  Kent fellow, 1962-65; NEH senior fellow, 1975-76; Guggenheim fellow, 1979-80; elected a corresponding fellow of the British Academy, 1992.  Awarded the Doctor Theologicae honoris causis by the University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1990.  Emeritus status at Yale, 1999. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, published The Social World of the First Christians, a festschriften, in his honor in 1995.


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