Historian of Christianity; university professor.  Born January 9, 1932, Aliceville.  Parents; Benjamin LaFayette and Winnie Meeks.  Married (1) Martha Fowler, June 10, 1954.  Children–three. Married (2) Judith Colton, March 18, 2000. Education; University of Alabama, B. S., 1953; Austin Theological Seminary, B. D., 1956; University of Tubingen, graduate study, 1956-57; Yale University, M. A., 1963; Ph. D., 1965.  Career; ordained Presbyterian minister, 1956; university pastor, Memphis, Tennessee, 1957-61; Dartmouth College instructor in religion, 1965-66; Yale University United Ministry university pastor, 1966-68; Indiana University at Bloomington, assistant professor, 1966-68; Yale University associate professor of religious studies, 1969-73; professor, 1973-1999; director, division of the humanities, 1988-91.  Member, American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, Studorium Novi Testamenti Societas, Phi Beta Kappa.  Awards;  Fulbright fellowship, 1956-57;  Kent fellow, 1962-65; NEH senior fellow, 1975-76; Guggenheim fellow, 1979-80; elected a corresponding fellow of the British Academy, 1992.  Awarded the Doctor Theologicae honoris causis by the University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1990.  Emeritus status at Yale, 1999.


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