Journalist. Born– March 28, 1909, in Bradford, Pa.; grew up in Mobile.  Parents– Royal and Juliet (Luttrell) Tucker. Married– Charles Christian Wertenbaker, September 1942 (died 1955). Children– Two. Married– Branwell Fletcher, September 1970. Education– University of Louisville.   Road secretary, Theatre Guild, Inc., of New York City, 1929-1938; foreign and war correspondent, Time, Inc., 1940-1955; freelance writer, after 1955; wrote scripts for CBS-TV (Orson Wells series) and for British television (Rediffusion series). Member of the board of Monadnock Music, National Repertory Theatre Foundation, Ossabaw Island Foundation. Awarded honorary doctorates by Keene State College (1975) and Franklin Pierce College. (1982). Died March 24, 1997.


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