Educator, illustrator, writer. Born– Apr. 17, 1909, in McMinnville, Tenn. Parents– Fred Russell and Theresa Ella (Mosher) Johnston. Married– Clarence A. Snow in 1929. Children– One. Education– studied at Fort Wayne Art School and the Art Institute of Chicago. Illustrator for children’s magazine in Chicago; 5 years as art director in publishing company; art teacher in Tampa, Fla.; Des Moines, Iowa; Elmhurst, Ill.; and Fort Wayne, Ind. Top Juvenile Award, Friends of American Writers, 1961; Indiana University Hoosier Authors Award, 1968. Died August 1, 2007.


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Papers of Dorothea Johnston Snow are included in the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi in Starkville.