Writer; socialite. Born– August 23, 1863, Richmond, Va. Parents– Alfred Landon and Sarah (Macmurdo) Rives. Goddaughter of Robert E. Lee. Moved to Mobile in 1870. Married– John Armstrong Chanler, June 14, 1888; divorced, 1895. Married– Prince Pierre Troubetzoy, February 18, 1896. Pursued a scandalous lifestyle that is reflected in her very successful novels. Suffered from rheumatic fever and treatment caused drug addiction; recovered from the addiction and used the experience for the basis of one book. One of the first American authors influenced by advances in psychiatry. Died June 15, 1945.


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The papers of Amelie Louise Rives Troubetskoy are held by the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia.