Educator, lecturer. Born– Jan. 8, 1896, in Mobile. Parents– Myles Hicks and Rosabel (Pooley) Savelle. Married– _____. Children– One. Married– Jean Reeda Happ on Mar. 18, 1950. Children– Two. Education– Columbia University, A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. Taught at Columbia University 1926, 1932; at Stanford University, 1932-1947; and at University of Washington 1947-1967; visiting professor and Fulbright Lecturer University of Chile 1963; U.S. Department of State Lecturer in Australia 1966. Awarded Cutting Traveling Fellowship 1930-1931; Social Science Research Council Traveling Fellowship 1938-1939; and Fulbright Scholarship 1950.


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