Athlete, entertainer, businessman. Born– September 12, 1913, Danville. Parents– Henry and Emma (Alexander) Owens. Married– Ruth Solomon. Children– Three. Education– Ohio State University, A.B., 1937. Worked as an entertainer, served as WPA official; established a dry cleaning business, and became a salesman, 1937-1940. Employed by the Office of Civil Defense in Philadelphia, 1940-1942; Ford Motor Company, 1942-1946; military service, 1944; director of sport sales and part owner of a Negro baseball club, Portland, Ore., 1942-1956; secretary of the Illinois Athletic Commission, 1952-1955. Operated a public relations and marketing firm in Chicago, later Phoenix, 1955-. Member of the Illinois Youth Commission. In the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, won four medals for 100, 200, 400 meter races and the running broad jump; broke two Olympic records and one world record.


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