Author; translator; journalist, university professor. Born– December 4, 1911, Saltash, Cornwall, England. Parents– Stephen and Mireille Antoinette (Dorey) Payne. Came to the U.S., 1946; naturalized U.S. citizen, 1953. Married Rose Hsiung, 1942; married Sheila Lalwani, 1982.  Education– Attended Diocesan College, Rondebosch, South Africa, 1929-1930; University of Capetown, 1931-1932; University of Liverpool, 1933-1936; University of Munich, 1937; the Sorbonne, University of Paris, 1938.  Shipwright’s apprentice, 1932-1933; war correspondent in Spain, 1938; armament officer at Singapore Naval Base, 1939-1941; British Ministry of Information, Chunking, China, 1941-1942; war correspondent for the London Times, in Changsha, China. Taught at Fuhtan University, 1942-1943; Lienta University, 1943-1946; Alabama College at Montevallo (Head of English Department), 1949-1954. Founding director, Columbia University Translation Center.  Wrote under several pseudonyms; Richard Cargoe, John Anthony Devon, Howard Horne, Valentin Tikhonov, and Robert Young. Honorary M.A., Asia Institute, New York, 1946; Gold Medal for Excellence in translation, Columbia University Translation Center, 1986.  Died February 18, 1983.


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The papers of Pierre Stephen Robert Payne are held by the Online Archive of California.