McDONALD, FORREST, 1927-2016


Historian; University professor. Born– January 7, 1927, Orange, Tex. Parents– Forrest and Myra (McGill) McDonald. Married– Ellen Shapiro, August 1, 1963. Children–six. Education– B.A.,  M.A., Ph.D.,  (1955), University of Texas at Austin.   Employed as a research training fellow, Social Science Research Council, Washington, D.C., 1951-1953; utility research director, Wisconsin Historical Society, 1953-1956; executive secretary, American History Reseach Center, 1956-1958; taught, Brown University, 1958-1967; Wayne State University, 1967-1976; University of Alabama, 1976-2002.  Volker Fellow, 1959; Guggenheim fellow, 1962-1963; George Washington Medal of Honor from Freedom Foundation, 1980; Jefferson Lecturer, 1987. Died January 19, 2016.


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