McDOWELL, MICHAEL, 1950-1999


Screenwriter and novelist; author of horror and suspense novels.  Born– June 1, 1950, Enterprise, Ala. Parents– Thomas Eugene and Marian (Mulkey) McDowell. Education– B.A., 1972, Harvard University; Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1978. Taught screenwriting at Tufts and Boston Universities in the 1990’s. Member– National Gay Task Force, Massachusetts Fair Share. Wrote script for Beetlejuice, The Nightmare before Christmas, and other movies and television programs. Died December 27, 1999.


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The Amulet. New York; Avon, 1979.

Blackwater (6 vols. entitled; The Flood, The Levee, The House, The War, The Fortune and The Rain). New York; Avon, 1983.

Clue. New York; Fawcett, 1986.

Cold Moon Over Babylon. New York; Avon, 1980.

The Elementals. New York; Avon, 1981.

Gilded Needles. New York; Avon, 1980.

Jack and Susan in 1913. New York; Ballantine, 1986.

Jack and Susan in 1933. New York; Ballantine, 1987.

Jack and Susan in 1953. New York; Ballantine, 1985.

Katie. New York; Avon, 1982.

Toplin. Santa Cruz, Calif.; Scream Press, 1985.


Blood Rubies.  Avon, 1982.

Canary.  Villard, 1986.

Cobalt.  St. Martin’s, 1982.

Slate.  Villard, 1984.

Vermillion; a Mystery. New York; Avon, 1980.

Wicked Stepmother.  Avon, 1982.