McWHINEY, GRADY, 1928-2006


Historian; university professor. Born– July 15, 1928, Shreveport, La. Parents– Henry Grady and Mayme (Holland) McWhiney. Married– Sue Baca, December, 1947. Education– B.S., Centenary College, 1950; M.A., Louisiana State University, 1951; Ph.D., Columbia, 1960. Served in U.S. Marine Corps, 1946-1947. Taught American history at Troy State University, 1952-1954; Millsaps College, 1956-1959; Northwestern University, 1960-1965; University of British Columbia, 1965-1970; Wayne State University, 1970-1975; University of Alabama, 1975-; professor of history and chairman of the department, 1975-1979; director, Center for the Study of Southern History and Culture, 1976-; visiting professor, University of California, Tulane University, University of Michigan.  Contributed articles to many professional journals and anthologies. Member of Southern Historical Association, American Historical Association, Chicago Civil War Roundtable, Ulysses S. Grant Association and other professional organizations.  Received the Gallant Service Award from the Chicago Civil War Association; honorary member of the American Civil War Roundtable of the United Kingdom; honorary first fellow of the Confederate Historical Institute.  With his colleague Forrest McDonald developed the “Celtic Thesis,” that Celtic ancestry influenced Southern way of life and social and military culture. Founded the McWhiney Foundation (now the McWhiney History Education Group in Abilene, Texas, for the support of research and education in 19th century American history.  Died April 18, 2006.


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The papers of Grady McWhiney are held by the McWhiney History Education Group (Formerly the McWhiney Foundation) in Abilene, Texas.