Author, chiefly of children’s books. Born– February 8, 1890, Richmond, Ala. Parents–Joseph D. and Annie Hearst Alison.  Married– Thomas Evan Lide. Education– Converse College; Columbia University. Lived in the Selma and Carlowville area (Dallas County) and wrote books for young people with her sister, Margaret Alison Johansen and her mother, Annie Hurst Alison. Died November 21, 1955.


Authors of Books for Young People; files at Alabama Public Library Service.

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Lapland Drum. Nashville; Abingdon, 1955.

Little Indian Ongo. Richmond, Va.; Johnson Pub. Co., 1948.

Magic Word for Elin. Nashville; Abingdon, 1958.

Mystery of the Mahteb, a Tale of Thirteenth-Century Ethiopia. New York; Longman Green, 1942.

Princes of Yucatan. New York; Longman Green, 1939.

Yinka-Tu the Yak. New York; Viking, 1938.


Booker and the Magic Marks. Philadelphia; Curtis Pub. Co., 1947.

Dark Possession. New York; D. Appleton, 1934.

History of St. Paul’s Parish, Carlowville. Montgomery, Ala.; Paragon Press, 1923.

Little Booker T. Washington. Published serially in The Sentinel, Nashville, Tenn..

Ood-le-uk the Wanderer. Boston; Little, 1930.

Pearls of Fortune. Boston; Little, 1931.

Secret of the Circle. New York; Longman Green, 1937.

Thord Firetooth. Boston; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1937.

The Wooden Locket. New York; Viking, 1953. Tambalo and Other Stories of Far Lands. Chicago; Beckley-Cardy, 1930.


Conqueror of the High Road. Akron, Ohio; Saalfield Pub. Co., 1930.

Flaming River. Akron, Ohio; Saalfield, 1930.

Sea Gold. Akron, Ohio; Saalfield, 1930.

Stand By. Akron, Ohio; Saalfield, 1930.

Viking of the Sky. Akron, Ohio; Saalfield, 1930.


 The A.S.Williams III Americana Collection at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa holds a collection of the papers of Margaret Alison Johansen and Alice Alison Lide.