Political scientist; university professor. Born– July 9, 1931, Gadsden. Parents– Alvin R. and Janice (Haas) Lowi. Married– Angele M. Daniel, May 11, 1963. Children– Two. Education– B.A., Michigan State University, 1954; M.A., Yale University, 1955; Ph.D., Yale, 1961. Taught at Cornell University, 1959-1965; University of Chicago, 1965-1972, Cornell, 1972-2015. Member American Political Science Association; elected president, 1990.  Awards; 1981-1982 French-American Foundation Award; Fulbright Award, University of Paris; other fellowships, 1963-1978, including Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences, 1977-1978, Fulbright 40th Anniversary Distinguished Fellow, 1987.  James Madison Award, 2008; Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal, Yale, 2013. Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Oakland University, 1972; SUNY, Stony Brook, 1988. Designated John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions Emeritus, 2015. Died February 12, 2017.


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