HILL, HOWARD, 1899-1975


Champion archer. Born– November 13, 1899 , Wilsonville, Shelby County. Parents–  Married–Elizabeth Hodges.  Education–Auburn University. Worked for Hughes Tool in Miami and played semi-pro baseball. Set many records. Winner of 196 consecutive field archery tournaments, including seven national titles. Worked in the film industry as actor, producer, director and consultant. Stand-in bowman for Errol Flynn in several films and featured archer in film shorts, including “Sal of Singapore,” 1929, “The Last Wilderness,” 1935, “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” 1934, “Follow the Arrow,” 1931, “San Antonio,” 1945, and “Cruise of Zaca,” 1952. Founded Howard Hall Archery Inc., which produced and sold bows and other archery equipment. Inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, 1971; into the Bow Hunters Hall of Fame, 1975. The Howard Hill Southeastern Classic is an annual competition named in his honor.  Died February 4, 1975.


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