Playwright; theatre director; university professor of dramatic arts. Born– February 25, 1941, Helena, Ark. Parents– Howard L. and Edna (Warren) Jackson. Education– Memphis State University, B.S., 1963; Kent State University, M.A., 1964; Southern Illinois University, Ph.D., 1971. Taught high school in Antwerp, Ohio, 1964-1965; taught at Wisconsin State University in Eau Claire, 1967-1968; San Francisco State University, 1968-1970; University of South Alabama, 1971-2003, chair, Department of Dramatic Arts, 1978-2003.  Author and director of many local and university theater productions. Member, American Alliance of Theatre and Education; Association for Theatre in Higher Education; Dramatists Guild; Alabama Theatre League.  Awards:  Pioneer Drama Service national award, 1979, 1980; first alternate, O’Neill Playwriting Contest, 1973; Arts and Sciences Faculty Award, University of South Alabama, 1992-93.


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Publications (Plays):

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Joint author;

Bumper Snickers.  I. E. Clark, 1978.